A New Chapter

You guys! I can't believe I am saying this but... WE'RE MOVING! 

Where? Back to where it all started for us. Vermont. We both grew up there and still have family in the area. Honestly, I never thought we would leave Florida because I love it here so much and I hate the cold...


You can't predict how life goes and sometimes you just have to roll with it. Michael and I got offered a life changing opportuinity. We were both promoted at work. At the same time. To the same location. Crazy right? We just couldn't turn it down. This is about to be such an incredible season of life for our family. We had to make the decision to either accept or turn down the offer in a matter of 72 hours after the situation was presented to us. We talked all the pros and cons of moving and leaving Florida. It was not an easy decision. We went back and forth while trying to decide what was best for our family. Ultimately, we chose to take a leap of faith and now.. WE'RE MOVING! (no matter how many times I say it, I still can't believe it)

There are so many logical reasons to go and so many emotional reasons to stay. In the end, we know that we have to make small sacrifices in order to provide a better life with more financial freedom for our family. We are so excited to share our new journey with you. I'm confident this new chapter in our lives will be our best yet! 

P.S. If you want to follow along on Instagram, I'll be using #thekeneallynextchapter to document all the moving craziness!