Mother's Day 2018

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there! New, seasoned, expecting, and everything in between. Today is your day. Our day. It's a day to let oursleves be pampered and loved a little extra by the ones around us. Honestly, moms should be celebrated every day because this parenting gig is no joke! Motherhood is by far the most rewarding role I've ever had no matter how thankless it may be at times. Each and every day I get up and put on my mommy hat I don't ever wish I was doing anything else.

My views on Mother's Day and the meaning behind the second Sunday in May has changed since I myself became a mom. As a child and in my young adult life it was a day I made my mom a card, got her flowers, and made sure she knew how much I love her. Now, Mother's Day is a reminder of just how lucky I am to have two beautiful girls that call me mommy and a husband that has given me my blue-eyed beauties. I swear that with each day that passes my love for them grows exponentially.

I will see my children fail, I'll see them succeed, and I will see them struggle. I will celebrate in their victories and help them comeback from defeats. If I do my job right there will be times I am their best friend and there will be times when they just really don't like me. And that is okay. What I hope they realize one day is that everything I do, I do for them. There is a reason I will tell them no. There is a reason I will have let them fail so that one day they can succeed. I hope one day after they are grown and have children of their own they look back and realize I did everything out of love.

I feel lucky that I get to be mommy to Grace and Julia. Mother's Day is just a reminder of how special motherhood is. Mother's Day should be celebrated every single day because we are doing our best day in and day out to be the best mama we can be to our littles. Happy Mother's Day!

See you soon, E