The Ever Elusive: Time

Life is so busy! Between working full time and being a wife and mom, lately I feel like 24 hours is not enough time in the day. I absoutely love my mama and wife roles but sometimes I wish there was more time for doing things I love or even exploring new hobbies. I am a Pinterest fanatic and I go through my feed every day and say 'If I had the time I would totally do that.' I save it to one of my many boards and it just sits there waiting for the time I don't feel like I have.

Well, it's TIME! It's time for me to carve out 60 minutes for myself at some point during my day. Whether it be after Grace is fed, bathed and down for the night or it's getting up an hour early in the morning before everyone else is awake this mama is going to make time for herself! I think that after a long day I deserve to be a little selfish with quiet time even though that is hard for me to admit. I want to be the mom that doesn't need moments for myself but in reality we all need to be able to unwind. I've viewed it as being weak for not being able to just power through it and tend to everyone else's needs instead of my own. That certainly isn't the case and my viewpoint on that has changed significantly. I feel like I have neglected the 'me' part of my life since Grace was born last year. Now, instead of wishing there were 25 hours in the day I am going to have 'mama hour'. It's time for a little self love.

#60minutesofmama is going to consist of exploring new things that I've always wanted to try as well as revisiting some of my old loves before I earned my title of Mommy. I'll also spend time on my new baby, this blog, and writing quality content for all of you! There are so many DIY projects I have saved on Pinterest that I am so excited to try. I am most looking forward to rediscovering myself. Throughout our time on Earth there are definitely things that change us and shape us and there will be moments in life that we will have to rediscover who we are then. I know I am not the same person I was five years ago or even one year ago. I can't wait to find out who Elizabeth is. Not Elizabeth the mom or Elizabeth the wife but Elizabeth.

I'll be documenting #60minutesofmama on my Instagram so if you're interested to see how I'm spending my me time then click that follow button! I also want to see what YOU do in your free time so use the #60minutesofmama so I can follow along with you as well! I will share on my feed and story!

I'm really looking forward to doing this for myself!

See you soon, E