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Living the #MomLife

Being a mom and living the mom life can't be summed up in one word, sentence or even a paragraph. Once you enter motherhood you also enter what we all refer to as mom life. It has a unique meaning to all different types of mamas out there but one thing we can all agree on is that mom life is the best life. I'm here to tell you what mom life looks like in my eyes.

I truly believe that I am living my best life since I became a mother. Life has certainly changed since Grace entered the world in more ways than I can even describe but nothing has been more worth it. I think before Grace came along I had some preconceived idea on what being a full time mom was going to be like. In a world full of social media all I saw was put together mamas taking the most beautiful photos of their babies in the cutest clothing. Looking like their pre-pregnancy selves after like a month. I thought, 'hey that could definitely be me after our little bundle gets here.' Yeah, right! You can't believe everything (or really anything) you see on social media. All of those pictures were a very, very small percentage of what mom life actually looks like.

I know that we all have different versions on the meaning of mom life, but here is what it means to me. Being a mom means putting your children's needs before almost all of yours. As moms we definitely need to have some 'us' time but that is after we care for our little ones. Dropping what I'm doing when Grace or Julia needs me. There will be multiple days in a row where I don't brush my hair because who has time for that? Some days I don't get a real meal because the day is so busy that I just snack as I go. The first few months of Grace's life there was a constant smell of baby vomit wafting from my person (gross, but the honest truth). I would put Grace in a super cute outfit and ten minutes later I would be taking it off because she had a blowout. Wiping boogers on my pants because a tissue is just not within reach. Mom life in its purest form! My house is always a mess because at the end of the day when the baby is in bed and my husband and I have a second to catch our breath the last thing on our minds is cleaning. It is all so so worth it though. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my girls.

Mom life is truly the most rewarding life I could ever imagine living. We build and mold these tiny little humans that rely on us for everything. As a mom we do our best to set an example to be mimicked and absorbed by our little mini me's. Mom life really can't be summed up in words. Its an existence. It becomes part of our nature to live the mom life. We don't think twice when it comes to the well being of our children. What does mom life mean to you?

See you soon, E