I'm Pregnant?!

It was August 13, 2016. A normal, quiet Saturday night for us. A night I remember like it was yesterday. We had dinner at my in-laws house, read Julia a story, tucked her in, stopped at the drug store and went back to our apartment. When we got home we took the test. The test that was about to change our lives.

It was positive.





There are so many emotions that run through your mind during those first few moments you find out you're pregnant. For me, it was the fear of the unknown. We always knew that we wanted to add a least one more little babe but hadn't really planned to grow our family right at that time. I had so many questions.

Was the baby healthy?

Was I healthy?

Were we ready for our family to expand? (at that point it didn't matter if we were or not because it was happening)

What do we do next?

How does my husband really feel about this?

The thing that drove me crazy was that I wasn't going to have any answers to my hundreds of questions until I made an appointment and saw a doctor. At that moment Monday seemed so far away. Then there was my husband. Even if Michael was actually worried or felt anything but positively he wasn't going to tell me. He reassured me that everything was going to be okay and that we would figure it all out. He told me my only job was to focus on me and growing our baby. It was in that moment I realized how lucky I was to have him on this journey with me.

The night we found out about Grace was the beginning of our new future. A future with a bigger family. A future with many sleepless nights. A future full of more love. We were so happy. We are so happy. Grace has brought something so special to our family. I feel it every single day. August 13, 2016 has been one of my favorite days in this crazy life of mine.

See you soon, E