2018. The Year of Family, Health and Commitment

As I sit here writing out my 2018 resolutions I'm also taking the time to reflect on everything 2017 brought and took. This past year has been such a blessing with some heartache as well. As you know, my husband and I welcomed our daughter Grace into the world. This is definitely at the top of our blessings list for 2017. We were able to purchase our very first home for our family here in Florida and it is beautiful. Michael and I also celebrated our third year of marriage and I started a new job. About nine months ago my biggest heartbreak of 2017 came when I lost my grandfather. I was in my final two weeks of my pregnancy which prevented me from attending his services in Massachusetts. It absolutely breaks my heart that he never got to meet his only great grandchild but I know that he is in a better place and looking after my little girl.

As far as resolutions go, I don't believe I followed through on a single one I set last year. As I sit down to write down my goals for 2018 I am confident more than ever that I will be able to stick to these. Why? I am setting realistic goals for myself! Not ones that are going to set me up for failure. I feel like we all at one point or another have set outrageous goals for ourselves. I can't even find where I wrote last year's down so that should be pretty indicative to the fact they weren't accomplished. I've realized that after many years of resolution failure that it is time for me to go back to the basics and set some realistic goals for myself. For me 2018 is about the following three words; family, health and commitment.


Family is the biggest motivator for my 2018. From the addition of Grace and the big move from the apartment to the new house and everything in between we have endured many changes in the last 365 days. Our family is stronger now more than ever as we continue to tackle this beautiful life together. I will be focused on being the best mom and wife I can be every day. My husband and daughters deserve the best possible version of me. With our family adapting to a new dynamic it is so important for us to focus on family this year. Whether it be time with my husband or taking the girls to the park in the afternoon my family will continue to be my number one priority.


I am focused on my health both physical and mental in the upcoming year. I spent the majority of this past year either pregnant or taking care of a newborn. I feel like I haven't had a ton of time for myself in the past 12 months. I'm not complaining because I have loved every single second of it. That being said, I feel like focusing on both my mental and physical health is a big deal to me in 2018. I have realized that in order for me to continue being the best mom and wife I can be this needs to be a priority. This blog has already helped me to spend some time with my thoughts but I am going to take it to another level. I'm not going to set a daily, weekly or monthly resolution. This is how I have set myself up for failure in the past. Instead, I am going to try to exercise more and lose some of the weight I gained during my pregnancy and continue to take time with my thoughts and feelings as I reflect on each day that passes.


In the three weeks that East Coast Mom has been live I have so enjoyed getting to share my life and thoughts with you all. In 2018 I want to stay excited and committed about this new adventure I'm starting. It can be daunting and frightening to start something brand new and out of your comfort zone. I have received overwhelming support and feedback and for that I am so thankful for all of my readers. In this upcoming year I promise to stay committed to all of you and produce helpful (well hopefully), inspirational, funny and brutally honest content.

Family. Health. Commitment. Two Thousand Eighteen.

What are your 2018 resolutions?

See you soon, E