Being 'That' Mom

Throughout my entire pregnancy I told myself over and over that I wouldn't be that mom. The one constantly posting pictures of my newborn and every single thing that she was doing. That mom that when my daughter passed gas, the world would know about it (or at least my Instagram followers). Well let me tell you what, I very quickly became that mom. I couldn't help it. Grace was just too beautiful to not share with the world. Something that I've come to realize is that it is absolutely okay to be that mom. Post away. Go for it! To be honest, why wouldn't we want to show off our kid(s)? Our bodies just performed a miracle. Working constantly for months to grow this incredible human being that is the perfect combination of you and your significant other and it is something to be so proud of. Snap those pictures and share with the world! This is my story of becoming that mom.

When we got home from the hospital it was the first chance I had to really take a look at all the pictures my husband and I took of that first 48 hours with our baby girl. From the moment she was born to us pulling in the driveway I think we had collectively taken over one hundred pictures in less than three days. Sound familiar to any moms out there? While I was looking at them I realized I was headed down the path of being an over sharer. Each picture I swiped through was social media worthy in my opinion and I had to resist the urge at first to post every. single. one. We admittedly snapped an embarrassing amount of pictures during that first week.

For the first couple of months of Grace's life, whenever someone was gawking over how stinking cute she was, in my head I was saying, 'Yup, and she came from me! Can you believe that? I grew that human being right there!' As my husband could tell you, I couldn't (and still can't) stop talking about her. In my line of work I deal with people face to face all day every day. If someone asks me, 'Do you have any kids?' during small talk I can almost guarantee they regret asking that question immediately. My response, 'Why yes I do!' as I'm pulling out my phone to share picture after picture of them. I finally understand being that mom.

I had an "a-ha!" moment early on and realized I was indeed that mom and I have embraced it. You can't fight it so you just accept it and then of course continue to post obnoxiously until one by one you lose all followers across all social media platforms due to "excessive baby picture posting". I guess that's why I decided to write East Cost Mom. It has given me the excuse to show off my kids even more than I already do. So, if you're like me and have totally turned into that mom, my advice is to own it and keep on posting those pictures!

See you soon, E