My Inspiration

Welcome to East Coast Mom! We are live and this my first post ever! On this blog I'm here to share the good, the bad and the ugly of being a parent. To start, I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife to an incredible man. Our life is very hectic and maybe a little unorthodox but I love it and wouldn't change it for the world. For this first blog post I want to share a little about me and my family. So... here we go!

My husband (Michael) and I met four and a half years ago while working together in Vermont. This was such a special time because not only was I falling in love with my future husband but this is when my sweet Julia was introduced into my life. This is where our somewhat unorthodox situation comes into play. Before I came on the scene in 2013, my husband and Julia went through a lot with her biological mother in the previous two years. To make a long story short, Julia has the blessing of having two homes because we share custody with Michael's parents. Julia loves having two homes and she thinks its so awesome she gets to decorate two bedrooms. Both my husband and Julia (who was almost 3 at the time) welcomed me into their family with open arms. The love I received from them was something I had never experienced before. It wasn't just love, it was genuine excitement and happiness that I was becoming a part of their little family. Over the last four and a half years I have watched my little girl grow from a baby-faced toddler to the beautiful first grader she is today. I am thankful every day that they chose me and I am so honored to be Julia's mom.

The true inspiration for East Coast Mom has been the addition of Grace, our eight month old daughter. Since I met Julia when she was a few years old I never got to do the whole infant thing. I'm learning brand new things about what it means to be a mom and now I want to share all these adventures with all of you. There is nothing like welcoming your child into the world. I'm one of those moms that once I get started talking about my girls you'll never get me to stop. I think there are many of you moms out there who can relate. If I'm being completely honest this is really just a platform for me to talk nonstop about them.

Grace at 10 weeks

Here's a little more about us. Michael and I both work full-time but since my schedule is different day to day as a result of working in retail, we are lucky enough that my mother-in-law watches Grace on the days my husband and I work at the same time. We are so fortunate that at this point in time we don't have to put Grace in daycare and that she gets to spend time with her grandparents. Between work, school, shuffling the older one around to gymnastics and math club, and trying to maintain some sort of routine it is usually chaos in our house. To top it all off we have a rescue dog named Bailey who is just the most wonderful, caring, and protective companion to all of us here in the Keneally house.

My goal and the main reason I created East Coast Mom is to give you a glimpse of my crazy, fun life with little ones. Thank you all in advance for putting up with my ranting about motherhood. As most of us can admit, Mom life isn't perfect but boy is it worth it!

See you soon, E